Fancy name for internship

Job shadowing at a language school in Rome / Italy – which is much more than that. Alisa J. from weltgewandt trained for four weeks in methods of language learning at the Associazione di promozione sociale Asinitas Aps (“Association for the Social Advancement of Asinitas”). […]

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Exploring the world in Wandlitz

Tongue twisters and political education in the forest: excursion, picnic and conversation | They could hardly be more different: the graduate oceanographer, the former chief physician of a hospital, the worker, those without educational qualifications, the social worker and others: Together, the project participants made

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New Perspectives on Money

How can you keep track of your income and expenses as easily as possible? Will prices continue to rise? Will there only be digital money? What does this mean for democracy and the influence of citizens on the economy? What is money? International workshop on

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Arts meet Human Rights

“Standing up for another is a fight for ourselves.” With this sentence, the DAH Theatre in Belgrade/Serbia sets a social counterpoint “bringing humanity back to the forefront before personal (selfish) needs, glorified in our times of radical individuality“. (1)  It was the motto of the

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Non-violent communication

As part of our project “EQUITY – Equal Opportunities and Inclusion in Vocational Education and Training”, our colleague Gesa Schaffrath and colleagues from a vocational college in Troisdorf near Bonn continued learning together in practice. Together with three teachers and a class of twelve students,

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The drama of self-efficacy

Job Shadowing from 23rd April to 7th June 2023 with the DUANAMA theatre company in Marseille / France: Perceptions of body and voice, articulation, developing scenes together, diving into roles, inspiring the imagination and – playing! Theatre, especially Forum Theatre, thrives on conflict, on drama,

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Playfully and with empathy

Work placement at a language school in Rome As part of the project “KOSMO_POLIS: socio-political education in the district“, Alisa, one of our volunteers, had the opportunity to do a job shadowing in Rome/Italy at the “Associazione di promozione sociale Asinitas Aps” from 11 April

Playfully and with empathy Mehr

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