Short articles on the transformation of work

Within the framework of the cooperation “Time to Fresh Up. Cultivating Economic Literacy for Resilient Work in Europe”, colleagues from partner organisations in Germany, Ireland, Austria, Poland, Spain and the Czech Republic are developing a learning platform with courses on the topic. In addition, and until the platform is published, they are writing short articles on the concept of resilience, on questions of inflation – deflation, basic income, a possible deindustrialisation of Europe as a result of the current wars and crises, the digitalisation of the labour market, the effects of the Corona crisis on the workplace and more.

The articles can be found as “Food for Thought” texts on the project’s homepage. They are formulated in simple English.

The emerging learning platform complements the existing one on economic literacy in Europe. It includes courses in six languages on social inequality, money, different schools of economic thought, climate change, growth and other topics.

Dive in!

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