The city as a nexus of society and community

Cities or districts can be understood as a “fourth skin”. In addition to that of the body, of clothing and of housing, it is the context of the city that offers protection from external adversity, “holds together” social structures and at the same time allows freedoms to develop and grow. A city is both a chance and a challenge for social inclusion. It provides cultural opportunities, spaces for creativity, social connection, inspirations, places to socialise and to share. This is in contrast with gentrification, raising rents, segregation and not seldom social isolation.

Belonging and society is often thought in terms of community. However, experiencing community becomes abstract through the high level of labour division, specialisation, consumerism and alienation. It is therefore the task of each individual to organise its integration or „being part of a group“ one’s self. At the same time, family and the „tribe“, sometimes religion, gain importance (again).

Europe can not be thought without its cities. They were and are centres for the development of culture, economy, science, politics and the pursuit of autonomy from being ruled, i.e. democracy. Every city has its FLAIR, and European cities reflect the richness of the continent in a special way.

In the project, learners and adult educators from Florence, Budapest, Skopje and Berlin are working together. They explore what characterises the FLAIR of their own and the other cities. What are their wishes and dreams for a vibrant and beautiful city? What does inclusion mean to them? And what would be or is its opposite?

The project participants develop their own guided city tour for the town in which they live. When they meet guests from other cities, they show them their own one. When travelling to the other places, they learn “first-hand” about the history, culture, economy and current problems of the other city. They record their impressions in photos and videos. This results in an exhibition. They also process their impressions and insights into theatre scenes. These are performed at the last meeting in Berlin.




INSITE DRAMA, Budapest, Hungary


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