What we do

The people involved in weltgewandt’s activities are as diverse as the topics and methods we use to discuss them. We invite you to gain a better understanding of society, the economy and politics – and thus the framework conditions that influence the thoughts, feelings and actions of citizens. At the same time, we pass on ‘tangible’, practical knowledge. For example, in our DIALOGUE cafés or our projects on financial, political and economic literacy.

Our work rests on three pillars: 1. ‘low-level’ encounters, excursions and creative approaches to topics, for example through free theatre, 2. discussions with audience participation on current issues, 3. publications (online courses, manuals, etc.).

We implement the projects in Berlin and in cooperation with colleagues from partner organisations in Europe. This means that we are occasionally on the road – also with Berlin residents. And we bring Europe to Berlin: through events and workshops with participants from different countries.

We want to make it possible for people to come together, make good experiences with themselves and others and recognise their potential for power – in the sense of co-determination and participation in democratic societies.


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