Wings to Fly

Financial literacy

Those who go their own way, grow wings.”*

The project “FLIT – Wings to Fly” is aimed at women who, especially in times of war and crisis, want to keep track of their finances and have an informed approach to money.

Money and finances are discussed under psychological, business, legal and political aspects. Financial literacy thus means more than drawing up income/expenditure tables. It touches on the question of what money means to everyone personally and how everyone can (better) deal with money under given circumstances. Linked to this are questions about the socio-psychological aspects of money: What does it mean, for example, to perceive other people according to their income? Does it trigger feelings of shame to have less money than others? How can one keep oneself free of this? What do people use for orientation? Towards those of the middle class? What does it mean to feel like you belong in a society? What role does the amount of one’s own income play in this?

The project aims to encourage women in their economic independence and explore ways to achieve this. It also aims to raise awareness of ‘larger’ economic contexts. This is linked to the question of how economic and political developments influence people’s situation and open up opportunities – or not. The ‘blame’ is not seen solely on those who have little. Therefore, it is part of general financial education to be able to better relate individual and social factors.

In the project, colleagues from Portugal, Bulgaria, Germany and Slovakia are working together. They are jointly developing a handbook on aspects of financial literacy.

Embedded in the project activities is a series of seminars at the local level. weltgewandt e.V. offers them under the title: “Everything revolves around money. Everything? A learning journey to more financial independence”. The exchange is designed via non-formal methods as a combination of knowledge transfer and own, creative knowledge application. The choice of topics is made in consultation with the participants. You can find the individual dates under “Events”. The programme is also summarised in the invitation.

Funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

* Asian proverb, tansl. from german, source:


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