Health Fountain, Sewage Plant, Oasis

Workshop in Sofia, 11.-14. May 2023

As part of the project “Climate+Change through Democracy and Inclusion“, interested people from Athens, Berlin, Rome and Sofia came together in Sofia/Bulgaria to exchange on WATER. While there is already a broad awareness of the problem of energy and the struggles for access to these resources, water is often still considered to be readily available. This contradicts the water situation in the cities mentioned above, about which the participants exchanged views. The question of the privatisation of water and its consequences for the quality of the infrastructure and the prices also came up.

The project participants from Marzahn also used the theme of water scenically and offered a performance consisting of video sequences, texts and gestures for “Gesundbrunnen”, “Klärwerk”, “Oase” and “Wellenreiter”. Afterwards, the audience was also involved. This resulted in a joint figure-picture to “freshing”. And was refreshingly cheerful.

During a tour of one of the largest Roma neighbourhoods in Bulgaria, the 13 guests got into conversation with residents. The easiest thread to pick up was that of children. It became clear that Roma are still discriminated against and how. Their living conditions are also politically determined, for example through urban planning policy and the water infrastructure: one water tap for four houses. The tap is located outdoors. Especially in winter, water has to be wasted.

The 8000-year-old city of Sofia seems to be a pearl, but it hardly shines. Sofia is rich in mineral water and has several hot springs. Strategically located, the city is a hinge between the Middle East and Central and South-Eastern Europe. The History Museum also houses objects that suggest links to the Matrifocal Danubian civilisation: Worship of goddesses, the importance of fertility and others. Until the Huns arrived in the 5th century…

The participants were able to find many motifs for photographic impressions, which will be put together in an exhibition. It will be opened in October 2023 when the participants meet again. In Berlin.

“Finally got to meet new people again.” “It was great to experience such an international group.” “I got a lot of impulses about water, also water in other countries.” This was the conclusion of some of the participants.

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