Platform on Economic Literacy

Would you like to understand how money is created? What the different facets of inequality are and how to address them? What economic growth, climate change and sustainable development are all about? Why we live in a “debt economy” – and the state of global justice? Do you finally want to learn something about taxes without having to yawn? Then immerse yourself in courses on our learning platform that colleagues from universities and adult education institutions in seven European countries have written for you on these and other topics.

We offer a short version for an overview of each topic, as well as background information for those who want to learn more. For those in a rush, we have prepared a short introduction to each course. Adult education trainers will also find methodological suggestions (didactic exercises) for integrating socio-economic issues into their educational work. Learning is not a one-way street: You can deepen your knowledge in interactive exercises. Exchange ideas with others via the forum. Get in touch with us via the chat.

The materials are freely accessible. Registration is not required.

Have fun and gain valuable insights through our courses!

In our handbook you will find all courses summarised.

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