European Dialogue in Málaga

Thirty young adults from Romania, Hungary, Turkey, Germany, Serbia and Spain exchanged views on nationalism, the economic and political ideas of right-wing parties, democracy, the rule of law and a culture of dialogue in Europe in Málaga / Spain from 01.-09.12.2023. Assiel and Mariami report […]

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Let’s go to Málaga / Spain

Workshop “European Intercultural Dialogue” from 1.-10.12.2023 in Málaga / Spain. 30 people from Romania, Hungary, Turkey, Germany, Serbia and Spain exchange views on nationalism and minorities, democracy and tolerance. The costs will be covered. weltgewandt awards four places. Get in touch with us! Young people

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Energy and democracy

weltgewandt e.V. organised a transnational encounter with 14 learners and educators from Bulgaria, Greece and Italy from 25-28 October 2023. The topic was individual and societal dimensions of energy and access to resources. The programme was diverse; it enabled learning at authentic places in Berlin.

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Talents come alive

What can I? What do I want – professionally? These questions were the leitmotif for a series of seminars in a shelter for refugees in Wandlitz. A team of two trainers and a translator (Arabic, Persian) applied parts of the Talent Compass with residents. The

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New Perspectives on Money

How can you keep track of your income and expenses as easily as possible? Will prices continue to rise? Will there only be digital money? What does this mean for democracy and the influence of citizens on the economy? What is money? International workshop on

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Non-violent communication

As part of our project “EQUITY – Equal Opportunities and Inclusion in Vocational Education and Training”, our colleague Gesa Schaffrath and colleagues from a vocational college in Troisdorf near Bonn continued learning together in practice. Together with three teachers and a class of twelve students,

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