Encounters in Budapest

What is the FLAIR of Budapest? What is the atmosphere of the city I come from? Do I feel at home there? What does it mean to be “at home”? What city of the future do I want? 22 participants from Skopje, Florence, Berlin and […]

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The vice of ignorance

Interested people from Sofia, Berlin, Belgrade and Marseille met in the Bulgarian capital from 10th to 13th June 2024 to discuss “Walls in the mind – discover the other”. There were young and old, dancers, actors, people involved in a district centre or a language

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To Lisbon or Ventotene?

Ahead of the European Parliament elections, interested parties discussed various ideas for a democratic and sustainable Europe at the Polish Failure Club on June 6, 2024. Beforehand, an exercise on the election slogans of the various parties dared to make a cheerful comparison between perception

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Sauna, silence and curiosity

Libraries, education, Jean Sibelius or wood, rocks, architecture or … The conversation on April 15, 2024 with the director of the Finnish Institute Berlin, Mikko Fritze, and his assistant and program manager literature, Ms. Suvi Wartiovaara, offered many suggestions about a country that “everyone likes, but many hardly know anything about”.

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Limits to digitalisation

Artificial intelligence and the work of the future: The room was well filled with 45 participants when publicist and theatre director Fabian Scheidler presented his theses on AI. He argued for a demythologisation and for taking the ecological damage caused by AI into account. The

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European Dialogue in Málaga

Thirty young adults from Romania, Hungary, Turkey, Germany, Serbia and Spain exchanged views on nationalism, the economic and political ideas of right-wing parties, democracy, the rule of law and a culture of dialogue in Europe in Málaga / Spain from 01.-09.12.2023. Assiel and Mariami report

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The Democratic Museum

Job shadowing at the Folklore Museum and the Weltmuseum Wien. For four weeks, Ulrike Schuhose was able to deepen her knowledge and methods of cultural mediation. How can citizens’ interest in visiting museums be aroused? What should museums change so that people see them as

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Let’s go to Málaga / Spain

Workshop “European Intercultural Dialogue” from 1.-10.12.2023 in Málaga / Spain. 30 people from Romania, Hungary, Turkey, Germany, Serbia and Spain exchange views on nationalism and minorities, democracy and tolerance. The costs will be covered. weltgewandt awards four places. Get in touch with us! Young people

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