NO GENDER GAP in times of digitisation

Can there be a non-discriminatory algorithm? Do women see worse job advertisements on the Internet?

These and many other questions are the subject of a cooperation between associations in Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Portugal in which weltgewandt takes part. The aim is to strengthen the digital competences of women and to promote a critical awareness of sexism and the exclusion of women on the Internet.

The colleagues of the partner organisations discuss the pros and cons of digitisation, develop a MOOC for the independent, responsible development of artificial intelligence as well as a methodological guide for the educational work on technical, social and political aspects of digitisation.

The project is aimed at actors in adult education who want to motivate women not only to take an interest in technology, but also to take part and acquire knowledge and skills for it. We aim to reach women in particular who have experience of unemployment, no university degree and a refugee background.

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