Robots, whether for care or as military drones, increasingly determine work and life, economy and society. They are mostly programmed by men. Women are clearly underrepresented in the rapidly growing robotics market. They often lack the courage and self-confidence to assert their qualifications and to help determine which technology is used in everyday life, in medicine, in the car industry, and so on. In the project NO GENDER GAP weltgewandt e.V. cooperates with organisations in Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Portugal. The aim is to motivate women to take an interest in technology, to get more involved and to acquire knowledge and skills. A guide for the independent, responsible development of artificial intelligence (a MOOC / “Massive Open Online Course”) will be developed as well as a methodological guide for the educational work on robotics and technical, social and political aspects of digitalisation.

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Association Building Bridges Association, Spain

Scuola di Robotica, Italy

International Labour Association, Netherlands

Previform, Portugal

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