Enabling Mutual Learning


Wir laden zu regelmäßigen Veranstaltungen in Berlin-Marzahn ein und realisieren europaweite Bildungsprojekte mit Partnerorganisationen in der EU (Erasmus+). Zur Förderung der Diskussionskultur bieten wir außerdem Gesprächssalons zu gesellschaftspolitischen Themen an. Unsere Arbeit richten wir an dem humanistischen Bildungsideal von Wilhelm von Humboldt aus: „Soviel Welt wie möglich in die eigene Person zu verwandeln, ist im höheren Sinn des Wortes Leben.“ Wir stehen keiner Partei nahe und sind offen für Menschen verschiedener Meinungen und 'Hintergründe'.

Digital Maturity

European Cooperation (Erasmus+) about the technical and social aspects of digitization and the political framing of these developments.

NO GENDER GAP in Times of Digitisation

Can there be a non-discriminatory algorithm? Do women see worse job advertisements on the Internet? European project (Erasmus+) to enhance digital competences for women.

The Power of the Past and the Future of Europe

European exchange (Erasmus+) on topics and taboos of history in partner’s countries and methods of a democratic historical-political education.

Talk without Show

weltgewandt provides round table discussions on current and controversial issues. Invited guests talk to interested citizens and vice versa.

Free Theatre on Work.Gender.Communication

You like to move, laugh, play, have fun in a group, develop ideas together? The focus is on work and the sometimes delicate issue of gender relations.

1001 Word. Language Café

Enjoying the German language, getting inspirations, meeting new people, that’s the idea of these regular gatherings.

Creative Approaches to Economic Literacy

European exchange (Erasmus+) on themes and methods of economic-political education. Recognised as an EXAMPLE OF GOOD PRACTICE

Safer Places Hopeful Refugees

European cooperation (Erasmus+) with the aim of enhancing the didactic skills of trainers working with refugees.

Paving the Ways: Tandems with Newcomers

The project funded by the Local Social Capital aims to initiate tandems between new Berliners and people who would like to support them.

Eye Dialogue and Foot Contact

Fun through theatre. Hope and fear, joy and anger, experiences of power and powerlessness: we express feelings and develop scenes on the basis of one’s own experiences.

About us

The weltgewandt ("open to the world") Institute for Intercultural Political Education invites you to discover the worlds on your doorstep, close surrounding and far away – and to benefit from them. weltgewandt has education to offer. Not in the sense of schooling, but rather as a stimulus for independent thought. And not as ‘classical’ teaching either, as is often the case in school, but by means of creative methods. Adequate information is nevertheless ensured. The focus of attention will be placed on multiple perspectives and discussion, empowerment and the stimulation of contact as well as encounter. Subject areas that are given preferential treatment are: the economy and social issues, diversity and integration, and the culture of remembrance. weltgewandt’s offers address people of all social and cultural backgrounds. We would like to encourage the release of creative energy and the discovery of a sense of self-efficacy, whilst advocating democracy, fairness, freedom, tolerance and human rights. Our projects are financed by the European Union and the Federal State of Berlin.

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