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Europe is characterised by its diversity of cultures, opinions, lifestyles and political situations in its states. In recent years, differences between East and West have become noticeable again. The alienation that existed during the different political and economic systems of 1949-1989 seems to have been fuelled anew in the context of instability, war and crisis. And even within societies, dialogue between people with different (political) views and social milieus is becoming more difficult. But what do I know about the other(s)? What do I want to discover?

People in Sofia/Bulgaria, Marseille/France, Belgrade/Serbia and Berlin/Germany exchange ideas on these and more questions . The aim of the cooperation is to become more aware of our own “walls in the mind” with regard to images, stereotypes, prejudices, ideological charges, lack of knowledge in our own environment and the different societies in Europe. This does not exclude looking at ambivalences: “walls” can protect. They can also symbolise overlooked opportunities and/or promote feelings of powerlessness and resignation. Discovering the other helps to broaden one’s own horizons, to understand better, to open oneself up more and to make positive experiences. The exchange allows a dialogue across visible and invisible boundaries.

The impressions from the explorations and reflections will be processed into a joint performance with theatre scenes, readings of own texts and audiovisual elements. It will be performed in public at the final meeting in Berlin.

Who we are

weltgewandt e.V.

Berlin / Germany

Association Walktogether

Sofia / Bulgaria

Logo Centre social la Garde FR

Centre social la Garde

Marseille / France

Plavo Theatre

Belgrade / Serbia

What we do

The cooperation encompasses local activities at each partner organisation and transnational meetings in Sofia (June 2024), Marseille (September 2024), Belgrade (June 2025) and Berlin (September 2025). The partners invite citizens from its organisations to take part in the transnational encounters abroad and focus in particular on those who would not be able to afford a trip in another country.

2023 Erasmus+ EN Co-Funded by the EU_POS
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