Greek danses in Marzahn

Exhibition opening: As part of the European project on climate change and ecological issues, an exhibition on facets of energy, water, waste and transport was opened on 26.10.23. It had been developed by colleagues from weltgewandt e.V. and from partner organisations in Bulgaria, Greece and Italy. 14 guests from these countries participated.

The pictures in the exhibition were mostly taken during three transnational meetings of learners and educators from the partner organisations in Rome, Athens and Sofia. They are shown at three locations in Marzahn-Nord: the Heinrich von Kleist Library, the Kulturhochhaus Marzahn and the Marie Women’s Centre. The vernissage began in the library. The library’s director, Ms. Georgi, introduced the various services offered by the small but fine institution and paid tribute to the pictures on ENERGY. In the Kulturhochhaus, there was an opportunity to explore the Pension 11. Himmel and to hear from the manager Marina Bikádi about the art vending machine, the Princess Suite, the “bed in the cornfield”, the themed room and other original designs of the pension as well as the “himmelhoch C.ehn”. The visitors found the pictures of WATER on the ground level, on the way to the Culture Café.

At the Marie Women’s Centre, visitors were invited to see theatre scenes about energy that project participants from weltgewandt e.V. developed together. The audience watched with great amusement as musicians were attacked with water at Kaulsdorfer See, the perpetrator took over herself, fainted, was taken to the rescue centre, underwent an ECG and yet there was only one answer: She is healthy! Of course, she is only brought back to life by music. Just at this moment, however, the fuses blow. Everything is dark, blackout.

Change of scene. The Little Prince sits on his planet and observes it all. He receives a visit from the Greek philosopher Olympus, Heraclit_ea. Both ask why people keep blowing their fuses too. Why are there wars? Why are there these conflicts over access to resources? Is it man? Is it the conditions that produce such people? The Little Prince makes a suggestion: everyone can produce their own energy for free. Doubts arise: Is that possible? Well, thinking, dreaming, that’s possible. And that is the stuff of energy for change – citizen energy.

The performance was met with much applause from the more than 30 visitors. They then enjoyed a sumptuous buffet of tasty food – and turned their attention to the pictures of WASTE / RECYCLING and TRAFFIC. The music then got young and not-so-young alike to shake a leg into the night. Greek dances in Marzahn, that doesn’t happen too often…

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