Free Theatre to Work. Gender. Communication

You like to move, laugh, play, have fun in a group, develop ideas together? Welcome to the free theatre! Together we develop scenes based on our own experiences.

The focus is on work and the sometimes delicate issue of gender relations. The connecting element is communication. People give and interpret signals. They can stimulate respect, inspire hope, be attractive or boring. A source of both understanding and misunderstanding. What are the unwritten rules in dealing with each other – in the field of work, between the genders? What makes you curious? What seems strange? How can fear of contact be overcome? How can you set limits – without limiting yourself?

The theatre offers a playful approach to these questions. Being together in a group also makes it easier to come out of oneself, to express oneself and to speak freely in front of others. It opens up space to make unusual discoveries and inspires the creative turning of problem areas.

The meetings are led by Mirella Galbiatti, actress and theatre pedagogue in Berlin and Buenos Aires. They take place twice a month. Time and place of the meetings are indicated under Termine (events). The play will be performed on December 19, 2018.

A project of Kiek in – Soziale Dienste gGmbH in cooperation with weltgewandt. Institute for Intercultural Political Education, funded by the IFP STZ (Neighborhoodwork & Culture of Welcoming).


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