Exploring the world in Wandlitz

Tongue twisters and political education in the forest: excursion, picnic and conversation | They could hardly be more different: the graduate oceanographer, the former chief physician of a hospital, the worker, those without educational qualifications, the social worker and others: Together, the project participants made their way from Berlin-Marzahn to the north on 16.09.23.

In Wandlitz, they visited the local shelter for refugees and talked to residents. Afterwards we went to the Liepnitzsee. They sailed across the water by ferry and crossed over to the island. After a walk over the sandy soil of the Brandenburg region, a nice place by the lake was soon found. Time for a picnic. All of a sudden, the “table” was fully set, because those present had quickly lightened their backpacks with various culinary delights.

When the stomachs were filled, there was food for the head: tongue twisters were distributed and theatrically performed. “Fischers Fritze” was suitable as a cheerful tongue sport for German native speakers. “In Ulm, around Ulm and around Ulm. ” and “A good shark eats porridge.” was good for German at an intermediate level. « The Potsdam stagecoach cleans the Potsdam stagecoach box. » then made everyone sweat. Some then cooled off in the clear water of Lake Liepnitz.

We continued through the forest, and as everyone lounged in the sun on a long, fallen tree trunk, intense conversations ensued again. War and peace were also discussed. Those who came from Syria reported on the situation in their country and what relatives tell them. Another had studied in Odessa. It was his second city. And now? Do we need eight years of peace negotiations, as was the case with the Thirty Years’ War? When will a start be made for this?

« It’s nice that you were here. » « We were happy and delighted to meet wonderful people. » « It was a very nice trip, and we were very happy. »

The transport connection was not favourable, especially not for people with disabilities. Next time we will have more cars so that everyone who wants to can come along.

The excursion took place as part of the project “In the suspension_anchored” and is funded by the abriporta Foundation.

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