Work on the topic of work

As part of our “Resilient Work” project, the coordinators of the project groups in Poland, Spain and the Czech Republic came to Berlin from 8-9/11/2023. Day one was dedicated to questions about our learning platform. During day two we focused on “Artificial intelligence and work”.

As a result of the collaboration between organisations from six European countries – the partners from Austria and Ireland participated online-, a learning platform will be published that addresses aspects of work and resilience. The spectrum is broad: It ranges from “Job Guarantee and Modern Monetary Theory”, “Basic Income and Sustainable Work”, “Gig” Economy and Migrant Workers, “The Economy of Everyday Life”, “Skills for Future Jobs” , “Career Counselling and Guidance for a Successful Transition into the Labour Market”, and others.

In contrast to the “Fresh Up Economics” learning platform, the courses on this interactive website contain more audiovisual elements. We exchanged views on these – and paid unanimous tribute to the work of our Spanish colleagues.

In addition to the courses, we also write short articles on work and resilience. These can be found on our project website.

Day two was dedicated to the topic of Artificial intelligence and work of the future. The colleagues visited the Gropius Bau to see the installation “Ether’s Bloom. A Programme on Artificial Intelligence” at the Gropius Bau. They then visited the Futurium and attended a science slam organised by the Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems in the evening. Plenty of inspirations for stimulating discussions…

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