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Exchange of Good Practices in Working with Newcomers

Refugees and asylum seekers face several challenges in their new homeland, e.g. poor language skills, uncertainty of their legal status, lack of knowledge in terms of rules, cultural codes, rights and duties, unemployment, dampened energy, social isolation, and sometimes mistrust and prejudicies of citizens in their new neighbourhood.

This project brings partners from five European countries and Turkey with different expertise together. It aims exchanging good practices and enhancing trainers’ skills for their educational work with refugees.
Partners seek encouraging citizens / volunteers who facilitate refugees and raising awareness for refugees’ needs among local authorities and citizens of the hosting countries. We aim to bridge the gap between long-term locals and newcomers by overcoming the fear of contact. Moreover, the two-year cooperation allows to network with diverse refugee welcome initiatives in all over Europe and Turkey.

For more information see the project’s website and our Facebook page.


weltgewandt. Institut für interkulturelle politische Bildung e.V., Berlin
EURO-NET, Basilicata/Italy
IFALL – Integration För Alla, Örkelljunga/Sweden
ACTION SYNERGY SA, Irakleio/Greece
Terra Vera, Ljubljana/Slovenia

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